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Mindful Meditation and Music


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Welcome to Violin Sound Sanctuary!

For thousands of years, the great healing power of music and sound vibration has been embraced.

We uphold that divine art and wish to share it with you.

Rebecca Sabine, CMT-P concert violinist/mindfulness meditation teacher

Aaron Ramsey, composer/producer/percussionist

The Violin is an Instrument of Awakening Peace

Meditation is a proven way to calm the mind and reduce stress

"Violin Sound Sanctuary® is a meditation experience that will make your heart sing." --Rebecca 

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Our music and meditations are published on the worldwide app, Insight Timer.

We have over 40K listens to date! Join the monthly live stream once a month (see calendar for details) 

Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Looking for guided meditations?

Visit our Violin Sound Sanctuary® youtube channel for our extensive library of free mindful meditation videos.




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