Harmonic Therapy Arts

A Divine Art

For thousands of years, the great healing power of music and of sound vibration has been embraced.

We uphold that divine art and wish to share it with you.

Rebecca Sabine, master violinist

Aaron Ramsey, composer and percussionist

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The Ancient Healing Power of A432HZ

 Pythagorean solfeggio tones

Based on the mathematics of music, Pythagoras performed what he called "soul adjustments" ...bringing humans in alignment with their divine nature. Fixing his intellect on the sublime symphonies of cosmos, he grasped the universal harmonics and consonance of the spheres and stars.

Violin: Instrument of Awakening Peace

“the wood of trees on which nightingales sang”.

"Tuning my violin to the universal healing vibration of A 432 HZ, I lovingly played these recordings on my beautiful violin made in
Cremona, Italy.---Rebecca Sabine, violinist

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Hear our music 

published on Pandora and Insight Timer

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"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres."