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Have you tried mindful meditation but are having trouble getting your mind to slow down? 

I have taught many people how to meditate with ease!


I am Rebecca Sabine CMT-P, founder of Violin Sound Sanctuary®.

I am an IMTA-certified Mindful Meditation teacher as well as a concert violinist, reiki master and storyteller.

I believe that beautiful music and meditation work together in synergy to help you to connect deeply with the truth of your inner essence.

I will play my violin for you during this guided meditation session, drawing upon the spiritual inspiration that I receive.  

I also incorporate soothing nature recordings and original music created by my son, the talented composer/producer

Aaron Ramsey.

Facebook Review

Just experienced a powerful release during Rebecca’s sound healing at the Red Rock Resort. She is a talented musician and gentle meditation guide that brought my mind heart and every cell of my body into a space serenity. Thank you so much for bringing your gifts to us in this unique experience.

Wendy Ronovech,
M.A., M.Ed., CMP

Rebecca , thank you for a wonderful mix of guided meditation and violin playing at our company holiday party.  Our entire team enjoyed it and appreciated learning how to mindfully embrace the holidays - very helpful.  Meditation was a first-time experience for many on the team.  The beautiful sounds of the violin along with your calm, collected, and compassionate presence struck the right balance between gentle guidance and letting the participants learn what works for them.

Insight Timer Review

Very grounding, soothing, enlightening, peaceful, inspiring and so much more... thank you for this magnificent present and thanks to all trees, plants and life 🙏🏻🌎✨

“The pacific vibrations of live violin music and gently whispered visualizations by Rebecca Sabine ... ensure this treatment becomes a threshold to awakening and peace”—-Organic Spa Magazine

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